The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union


These days we are seeing news of fuel shortages at service stations in the UK which are already starting to cause a new shortage in the chain of commodities such as food or medicine among others.

We can also see how this situation generates conflicts and violent clashes between people queuing up to access one of these services; We are therefore witnessing a gloomy panorama which is clearly inappropriate for a developed country.

The origin of this unfortunate situation can be found in Brexit and in the nationalist institutions that gave birth to populist approaches to immigration and EU membership. Leaving Europe and not accepting immigration brings UK a situation in which the problems of today’s world cannot be satisfactorily resolved.

But what is happening in the UK is something that could affect the rest of Europe as well given the current interrelationship of the global economy that characterizes our time. This is something we need to think about to have answers planned.

Either way, I think the lesson we need to learn from the Brexit experience is that a deep and rigorous analysis needs to be done by a country’s leaders when the choice of such condescension is passed on. to society as the one that made the Brexit decision. .

Changing the historical trajectory of a country to take a direction opposite to that of progress, pretending to go it alone rather than sharing the effort and seizing the opportunities offered by the European Union because of its size and strength of the common economy is unheard of. of.

The backward steps that populist welfare adventures can take are easier to take than the massive effort behind every improvement in the conquests of society. Things can go downhill very easily when choosing paths to anywhere. Clearly, Brexit seems like a road that leads nowhere.

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