The European Commission launches an online “meeting point” for the robotics community

The European Commission has launched a “meeting point” for the online robotics community.

The EC says its European hub helps explore “the non-technical aspects of robotics that impact society and our lives”.

Robospot: The Responsible Robotics Knowledge Hub is a platform created as part of the Robotics4EU project, free and open to everyone.

Robotic technology “influences all aspects of work and home”, says the EC, adding that it has the potential to positively transform lives and work practices, increase levels of efficiency and safety and to provide improved levels of service.

Therefore, the subjects of robotics are transversal to all audiences and the solutions presented in this field concern the whole society – from researchers or industrialists to educators, from decision-makers to curious citizens.

Building on this idea, a new European open online community has emerged to promote the widespread and responsible adoption of robotics in our society.

Robospot presents a hub focused on the non-technical aspects of robotics, such as ethics in the fields of health, infrastructure inspection and maintenance, agri-food or agile production.

On this platform, it is possible to find a community of projects, organizations and individuals working to make robotics more responsible.

Users will be able to build their network, exchange with experts, discover new robotic events and consult open resources on the subject (as well as add their own). To join this online network, it is necessary to register on Robospot. This registration is free and open to all.

Robospot is part of Robotics4EU (R4EU), a project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

R4EU aims to ensure wider adoption of AI robots, as well as to promote societal acceptance of robotic solutions by advocating for responsible robotics with all stakeholders.

Robotics4EU is a three-year project, made up of seven organizations from six EU countries representing expertise in robotics.

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