The European Union wants laws against human rights in Pakistan

Islamabad, September 24: Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), who paid a three-day visit to Pakistan, called for timely reforms and legislative changes on human rights issues, including enforced disappearances and cases of blasphemy.

From September 19 to 21, MEPs from the European Parliament’s Sub-Committee on Human Rights (DROI) visited Pakistan. “In other meetings, MEPs focused on the human rights situation in the context of the latest round of EU monitoring of Pakistan’s preferential trade access to the EU market under of the GSP+ scheme for 2014-2033 and its preparations for application to the next GSP scheme to be determined in 2024,” the European Commission said in a statement. Read also | Imran Khan’s PTI party protests in Lahore against rising prices and massive taxes under the Pakistani government led by Shehbaz Sharif.

The commission said that the EU is Pakistan’s most important export market and that as a major “GSP+” country, it is committed to ratifying and respecting 27 international conventions on human rights. rights, labor rights, sustainable development and good governance. “MEPs discussed a wide range of human rights topics during their meetings with the Speaker and members of the National Assembly of Pakistan, as well as the Speaker and members of the Senate” , the statement said.

They also had meetings with the Minister for Human Rights, the Minister for Law and Justice and the President of the National Human Rights Commission. The delegation met with civil society organizations, human rights activists and the media.

During these discussions, they spoke about the criminal justice system, torture and the death penalty, economic and social rights, the prevention of domestic violence, freedom of religion and belief and the freedom online and offline expression.

“The MPs said it was important for Pakistan to undertake timely reforms and legislative changes on human rights issues, and translate them into concrete improvements. They called for determined and structured action , including the rapid adoption of laws against torture and enforced disappearances, measures to reduce the number of crimes punishable by death and the application of new clemency procedures,” the European Commission said.

“Laws protecting journalists, removing barriers to the work of civil society organizations and the media, and the rights to collective bargaining and organizing must be implemented,” he added. The delegation also spoke of the need to prevent the misuse of blasphemy laws, by applying safeguards against false accusations.

Pakistani members and senators pledged to send a joint letter to the judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, asking the judiciary, especially at lower levels, to expedite its handling of blasphemy cases. MEPs also called for decisive action to prevent domestic violence, child labor and child marriage.

During their visit, MPs were briefed on Pakistan’s emergency response, relief activities and vulnerability to climate disasters. They stressed that the international community must redouble its efforts to reduce global carbon emissions and help the countries that are suffering the most from climate change.

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