VHP writes to UN Human Rights Commission and EU to “save” Hindus in Bangladesh


Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) wrote to heads of the United Nations, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the European Union on Saturday, calling on them to take note of the recent attacks on the Hindu community in Bangladesh .

In his letters to the three leading global bodies, VHP Deputy Secretary General and Head of International Affairs Swami Vigyananand urged them to set up an international commission of inquiry and send a fact-finding mission to Bangladesh, and to pressure the government to ensure safety, justice and compensation for victims of violence.

“The current wave of genocide against the indigenous Hindu minority in Bangladesh, which continues unabated. The brutal killings of innocent people in more than 22 districts over the past 10 to 12 days violate any notion of humanity. Islamists Radicals have caused despair and terror among the devotees by forcibly entering places of worship during the sacred Durga Puja and gleefully vandalizing and shattering icons of deities and destroying shrines. A dozen Hindus were massacred, a thousand wounded. Horribly, Hindu women and girls were raped in front of family members and houses and businesses were also looted and set on fire. Police and law enforcement were onlookers silent, intervening too late to prevent atrocities, ”Swami Vigyananand said in a statement.

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In the letter, he also called for the United Nations Security Council to take action to outlaw criminal organizations “engaged in jihadist violence and questioning the legitimacy of the elected government of Bangladesh.”

He further added: “Urge the government of Bangladesh to repeal the Acquired Property Act – 2013, which is the critical underlying incitement to violence since property abandoned by fleeing people can be legally seized by their families. own neighbors.

According to official data, at least three people have been killed in violence that erupted after the discovery of a copy of the Quran at the Nanua Dighir pandal By Durga Puja in Comilla. The incident sparked widespread violence as community tensions gripped Bangladesh.

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Outside Comilla, incidents of violence were also reported in temples in Hajiganj in Chandpur, Banshkhali in Chattogram, Pekua in Cox’s Bazar and Pirganj in Rangpur.

Comilla police have filed four cases and made 41 arrests in connection with the violence that erupted in a pandal in Durga Puja.

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