The European Union, others to clean the beach of Laboma in Accra


The European Union (EU) delegation in Ghana, in partnership with the government, non-governmental organizations and volunteers, will undertake a clean-up exercise on Laboma Beach in Accra on September 25.

The event, dubbed: “#EUBeachCleanup”, is a global movement that brings together people from around the world with a common goal of protecting oceans and marine life.

A statement to the Ghanaian News Agency on Thursday said: “Every action counts: not only at the beach, but at home; not only by the ocean, but also inland.”

He said marine litter and ocean pollution had an extreme impact on human and marine life, damaging the environment and affecting economies.

The EU, the statement said, is committed to having ecologically, economically and socially sustainable seas and oceans, both in the EU and globally.

He quoted Ambassador Itchad Razaaly, head of the European Union delegation to Ghana, as saying: “In a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, changing our daily habits can also trigger positive change, and can also have a positive impact on our oceans. ”

“Each of us can participate in this movement, wherever we are. Each of us can make a difference.”

“Cleaning up the oceans is fundamental, but it cannot be the main strategy to deal with the problem of marine litter, which must be tackled at its source. Improved waste and wastewater management, increased recycling, avoidance of single-use products and products. eco-design, can effectively prevent marine litter. Such behavioral and policy choices require intensive education and awareness.

The statement said the EU is committed to supporting Ghana not only in raising awareness, but also in finding appropriate, environmental and green solutions to address the waste problem in the country.

The event is under the auspices of Plastic Punch, a non-governmental organization.

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