The European Union has closed the skies to Russia

Photo: Getty Images

Russian planes will not be able to fly over EU territory

The EU has decided to impose a number of restrictions on Russia for invading Ukraine, including shutting down the skies.

The European Union closes the airspace to all Russian planes, including the planes of the oligarchs. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced this on Sunday February 27.

“We are closing EU airspace to Russians: we are proposing a ban on all aircraft owned, registered and controlled by Russians. These planes will no longer be able to land, take off or fly over EU territories,” she said.

The Head of EC clarified that this would apply to all aircraft. “Our airspace will be closed to all Russian planes, including private jets of the oligarchs”, — added von der Leyen.

She also announced that the EU would introduce a set of economic and personal sanctions against Belarus.

In addition, the EU will ban the operation of RT and Sputnik on its territory.

The EU will also introduce new sanctions against businessmen and the Russian elite.

Von der Leyen added that the EU would support Eastern European states, which are now accepting Ukrainian refugees.

Earlier, Ukraine reported that Russia would be disconnected from the SWIFT international interbank system. The official decision has not yet been formalized, but technical preparations have already started for the adoption of the decision and the implementation of this sanction.

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