The European Commission’s Higher Fruit Subgroup meets to analyze the market situation

The pip fruit sub-group of the European Commission’s Fruit and Vegetable Market Observatory met today, by videoconference, to analyze the situation of the pear and apple campaigns.
The sub-group will analyze the state of prices and stocks of pears and apples in the EU and will exchange views on the current market situation. It will also analyze the campaign in countries outside the EU, in particular the campaign in the countries of the southern hemisphere, and the evolution of consumption.

The first fruit sub-group is one of the four sub-groups set up within the Expert Group of the Fruit and Vegetable Market Observatory, which aims to make as much information as possible available to the European sector and to provide it with greater transparency. These groups include Commission officials and representatives of sectoral organizations from the different Member States.

FEPEX is involved in the pome fruit subgroup through the European association FruitVegetablesEurope and is represented in the subgroup by Joan Serentill, president of the FEPEX pear and apple committee.

Spanish exports and imports of pears and apples
Apple exports in 2021 amounted to 110,362 tons, 17.5% less than in 2020, for a value of 90 million euros (-8%). However, in 2021, Spain imported more apples than it exported, since it imported 184,631 tonnes of apples, i.e. 3% more than in 2020, for 157 million euros ( + 3%).

Spanish pear exports in 2021 amounted to 122,411 tons worth 105 million euros, 14% more in volume and 17% more in value than in 2020. Imports of pears increased 32% in volume and 33% in value compared to the previous year, totaling 66,446 tonnes and 64.3 million euros, according to data from the Customs and Excise Department, processed by FEPEX.


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