Ric Grenell to Newsmax: Europe’s definition of green energy is entirely political

On Thursday, former US diplomat Ric Grenell told Newsmax that the European Union’s decision to consider nuclear power and natural gas “green” proves the term has always been politically motivated.

“The crazy liberal idea is the goal,” Grenell said on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “Anything they can do – if they can redefine what energy means and it can fit well into the green camp, then it will get grants and it will be pushed.”

Grenell, who served as ambassador to Germany under then-President Donald Trump, explained that then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s theory that her country “would never be over-indebted by Russia” had led to a series of errors in energy policy.

Merkel “is the one who got rid of nuclear energy, got rid of coal – at least started to move away from coal”. But now, rather than admitting she was wrong, “we’re just rewriting the definition of what it means to be green,” Grenell said.

Grenell later condemned a recent push by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-California, to classify documents linked to the withdrawal of the American army from Afghanistan, reawakened training policies and vaccination mandates.

“Politicians can decide to tell the public, ‘You can’t read this because it’s classified.’ It’s a way for me, as someone with a higher security clearance, to just say, “Well, you don’t understand. You can’t see what I see.” And inherent in that idea is a trust factor,” he stressed.

“When I burn my trust and lie to the public about classified information, the public is rightly angry, and they won’t believe you the next time you say, ‘You can’t watch this. You Trust me, this is classified information.

Grenell then laid out Schiff’s story during Trump’s impeachment and argued for greater transparency in government.


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