Pepper European Servicing becomes Pepper Advantage in a major business transformation

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pepper European Service, a UK-based loan servicing company, announces a major transformation and investment program that will see it become a global credit information provider under a new brand: Pepper Advantage. The company’s transformation program will see the integration of its European and Asian service businesses as it expands into a number of fast-growing Asian markets.

The integrated Pepper Advantage business will have more than $55 billion in assets under management, approximately 1,100 employees and 570,000 end-user customers in addition to more than one million end-user customers served since its inception in 2012. It will offer an expanding portfolio of global credit management services and technologies in the commercial lending, small and medium business, residential and consumer lending markets in China, Greece, Japan, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Spain, Thailand and the UK.

Pepper Advantage will also continue to expand its assets under management profile to include personal loans, including retail financing and buy now, pay later (BNPL) as well as other receivables from different industries. This expansion of asset classes will increase Pepper Advantage’s customer base, end-user customers and assets under management.

Pepper Advantage’s growth will be driven by the development of a new cloud-based data and analytics platform. This investment will enable the company to offer institutional asset management clients real-time credit insights and analytics drawn from its global network, while helping new and existing clients looking to drive innovation in products.

“Pepper Advantage is uniquely positioned to benefit from two sources of structural market growth for its services,” said Fraser Gemmell, President and CEO, Pepper Advantage.

“The rapid growth and economic dynamism of many Asian and emerging markets means that a growing number of middle-class consumers remain largely underserved by financial institutions. This creates opportunities for a new generation of challenger banks and fintech providers to develop products and services using our knowledge and experience.

“In more developed markets, the growth of non-traditional lenders is driving a need for deeper credit intelligence to support product innovation, customer acquisition strategies, and more advanced risk management capabilities. Our innovative, entrepreneurial and customer-focused culture makes us the ideal global partner.

Pepper Advantage is part of Pepper Group, 60% owned by KKR. Pepper Group was founded in 2000 as a financial services startup in Australia, specializing in mortgages and loan servicing. It continued to expand through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions and by developing innovative technologies to become one of the leading international lending and credit management providers.

About Pepper Advantage

Pepper advantage is a global credit information company specializing in multiple asset classes in Asia, Europe and the UK, including residential and commercial mortgages, real estate, SME lending, finance and leasing. assets, auto and consumer loans, credit cards, retail financing, and BNPL. It helps investors, financial institutions, fintechs and banks manage and manage their credit portfolios with a focus on customers serving underserved communities. follow on LinkedIn.

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