Mediterranean Shipping Company & SCOPE Group collaborate on climate

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The Maritime Executive

[By: SCOPE Group]

The Ship Review platform, developed by SCOPE Group in cooperation with Green Maré Services Lda & Comandita, a provider of maritime information and knowledge, allows shipowners and
operators such as MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company to set up a rating system to measure and further improve the environmental performance of their fleet.

Many internal and external pressures are exerted on shipowners to decarbonize. These include international measures via the United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO),
and those at the national or regional level. An example is that for the first time the shipping industry has been considered for inclusion in the EU emissions trading
(ETS) by covering all ships over 5,000 gross tonnage calling at EU ports, regardless of their flag. This is in addition to other proposed measures currently under consideration
scrutiny by the EU institutions.

“In addition to our massive investments in low-carbon technologies and fuels, MSC continues to focus on improving fuel efficiency. We have decided to leverage the ship review
SCOPE Group’s platform to provide greater visibility into the broader environmental and sustainability performance of the vessels in our fleet. We want to assure our customers that ships
operated by MSC consistently meet regulatory requirements and minimize environmental impact,” said Diego Aponte, President of MSC Group. He continued: “MSC fully supports
the proposed creation of a multi-billion dollar global decarbonization fund, overseen by the UN IMO, to provide financial capital for R&D.

Ship Review provides environmental and sustainability ratings of over 70,000 ships and was the first dedicated product to display ratings for the Carbon Intensity Indicator, one of
new IMO requirements are introduced to help the shipping industry reach its goal of halving its carbon intensity by 2050.

“Ship Review provides an independent assessment of the shipping market to meet the needs and requirements of all industry players,” said Ralf Garrn, Managing Director of SCOPE Group.

“We are delighted that MSC has decided to use Ship Review to create more visibility around key strategic objectives and actions related to the decarbonization of its global fleet and manufacturing.
ship more durable.

A variety of existing and emerging internal, business and regulatory requirements will combine to dramatically increase the need to accurately measure and reduce greenhouse gases
ship emissions. A platform like Ship Review can dramatically improve the ability to do this and facilitate improvements aimed at improving overall environmental protection efforts such as
as undertaken by MSC.

In addition to decarbonization-related measures, consumers and the financial industry are demanding more transparency on the social and governance aspects of ESG. Many members of the UN
The SDGs include social aspects ranging from good health and well-being to decent work and the reduction of inequalities. Shipowners and operators must be prepared to demonstrate their performance on
environmental and other sustainability factors, including the need to show that the achievements are real and not just ambitious.

“With the help of SCOPE Ship Review, we can better assess and report on the environmental and broader sustainability performance of our fleet,” said Diego Aponte. “We
will encourage our customers, charter tonnage suppliers and other stakeholders to join MSC in this initiative,” he added.

MSC further expressed its confidence in the underlying concept of Ship Review by deciding to acquire a minority stake in GMS.

“We are delighted that MSC is taking a minority stake in our company and supporting Ship Review’s provision of fleet pollution and emissions data. MSC’s cooperation will help us
validate the platform’s estimated data and improve the quality of the information,” said Milton Gouveia, Managing Director of Green Maré Services Lda & Comandita.

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