Maxar will share satellite imagery with Europe, Africa and the Middle East as part of an ongoing partnership; Executive Vice President Tony Frazier quoted

Maxar Technologies has chosen to extend its partnership with European space imagery and Middle East Space Imaging in a new five-year agreement to share satellite imagery.

The agreement provides that the company will provide affiliate imaging partners with high-resolution images that allow government and commercial usethe defence, space and geospatial intelligence provider said Thursday.

Imagery companies will then provide the satellite data to users, who will implement it for purposes such as border security, disaster response and agriculture.

Tony Frazierexecutive vice president of Maxar and quintuple Wash100 Award Winnersaid the company is excited to open access to its WorldView satellite imagery constellation to customers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

“This agreement guarantees European and Middle Eastern customers access to the highest quality satellite imagery and innovative products, such as our 15cm HD imagery,” added Frazier, who is also General Manager, Sector public, from Maxar Earth Intelligence.

Maxar has worked with both companies for 11 years. Under the new agreement, European Space Imaging has a reserved spot on the company’s WorldView satellite constellation at their ground station access point in Germany.

The deal will also fund upgrades to the ground station so it can interface with Maxar’s next-generation WorldView Legion satellites.

Recently, in December 2021, Maxar closed deals worth over $100 million that will help fund the company’s mission to provide satellite imagery to the international defense and intelligence sectors.

One aspect of these agreements involves access to the WorldView Legion satellite for which European Space Imaging performs upgrades.

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