Lawmaker says European Union can finalize deal for single mobile charging port by year’s end / Digital Information World

EU and Member State legislators should find common ground in order to reach an agreement. According to this agreement, a common charger pin is considered for different electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, tabs and even headphones. The European Union looks forward to finalizing this deal by the end of 2022. However, tech giant Apple, which is also the maker of the iPhone, strongly opposes this deal.

This is not the first time that the European Commission has had to raise this issue. The last time the common charger was discussed was over a decade ago. But this time, the commission decided to push this issue forward after smartphone makers and other electronic gadget companies couldn’t wrap things up on the same platform.

Android and iPhone users have complained about the issues they face for having different pins for charging. iPhone is charged with lightning cord while for Android users they are divided into USB C charger as well as micro B charger.

According to Alex Agius Saliba, a European Union lawmaker and the figurehead of the whole deal in the European Parliament, expressed hope, believing that the assembly will vote against the proposal. This will allow Alex to initiate this discussion with the countries of the European Union so that they can finalize the agreement.

In an interview with Reuters, an international news agency, Alex agreed that it was possible to confirm the deal by the end of the current year. Alex further added that focusing only on smartphones is like giving up on an opportunity, and so his goal is to bring other gadgets such as e-readers, low-power laptops, earbuds and smart watches to have the same charger as well.

By 2025, Alex wants the European Commission to also balance the wireless charging system. However, the European Union has been informed by Apple that following the agreement for a common charger will lead to electronic waste after users will have no choice but to adapt to the new chargers.

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