Julius Jones news – live: European Union calls on Oklahoma Governor Stitt to suspend execution

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Julius Jones is due to be executed by the state of Oklahoma on Thursday.

Jones’ family and supporters – a group that includes celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Russell Westbrook – lobbied Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt to commute the man’s sentence to life in prison , but so far Mr Stitt has not indicated that he is considering a reversal. Mr Stitt is also facing international pressure after the European Union’s ambassador to the United States wrote a letter asking him to stop the execution.

Jones, 41, has spent more than half of his life in prison after being indicted and convicted of murdering Paul Howell in a 1999 carjacking. He maintained that he was innocent of the crime and that ‘he had been tricked by his friend and co-accused at the time, who actually shot Mr. Howell.

The state has sentenced Jones to death by lethal injection, making him only the second prisoner to be executed since the state took a six-year hiatus after using the deadly drug preparation after a series of botched executions. The first person to be executed since the moratorium was lifted, a 60-year-old inmate, had seizures and vomiting during the execution, which raised further questions about the drug.

Jones and his supporters visited Mr Stitt’s office in the days leading up to the execution in an attempt to secure a meeting to discuss a stay of execution. ABC documentary The last defense explores Jones’ fight to avoid the death penalty and has garnered celebrity support, especially those with Oklahoma ties.


Police barricade governor’s mansion as Oklahoma mulls execution of Julius Jones

The home of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has been barricaded by police as supporters of Julius Jones await his decision.

Earlier today, orange barrels and police tape were put up around Mr Stitt’s house, but heavier barriers were brought in and put up around 5 p.m.

The independents Josh Marcus has more on the story below …

Graig GraziosiNovember 16, 2021 10:49 PM


Oklahoma governor’s residence closed ahead of Julius Jones’ execution

A reporter from The Frontier noted that Gov. Kevin Stitt’s house was cordoned off ahead of Julius Jones’ scheduled execution on Thursday.

From photos of the area, it doesn’t appear that there are any protesters outside the house, although that may change as Jones’ execution time approaches.

Graig GraziosiNovember 16, 2021 8:55 PM


Pastors meet with Oklahoma state officials, say they are confident governor will grant Julius Jones clemency

A pair of pastors who defend Julius Jones secured a meeting with Oklahoma Gov. General Counsel Kevin Stitt and his communications director at noon today.

After the meeting, pastors said they were confident Mr Stitt would spare Jones his execution, which is slated for Thursday.

One of the clergy, Pastor Derrick Scobey, said he felt better “going down those steps than I felt I was going up”, and said he was “encouraged”.

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Members of the clergy united efforts at Oklahoma State House to prevent the execution of Julius Jones

Religious leaders joined in voices calling on Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to grant clemency to Julius Jones.

Jones is due to die by lethal injection on Thursday.

A pastor even stepped up to take Jones ‘place in the Death Chamber – an offer the state would never accept, but which illustrates the desperation of Jones’ supporters to save him.

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European Union Ambassador to United States delivers letter urging Governor of Oklahoma to suspend execution of Julius Jones

European Union Ambassador to the United States Stavros Lambrinidis sent a letter to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt urging him not to execute Julius Jones, who is due to die from an injection on Thursday lethal.

The ambassador cited Jones’ youth at the time of his crime as well as “questions about the evidence” and the recommendation of mercy from the Oklahoma Pardons and Parole Board in his case against the execution.

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Family waits in vain outside Oklahoma governor’s office before execution

The family of Julius Jones – who is due to be executed Thursday – camped outside the office of Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on Monday. Jones’ relatives hoped to have the opportunity to speak with Mr Stitt about the suspension of execution, but never had the opportunity to speak with the governor.

A family friend who waited outside the governor’s office said he would wait “as long as it takes” to get a moment of the governor’s time.

The independents Sheila Flynn has more on the family’s desperate offer below …

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Kim Kardashian launches passionate plea against death penalty ahead of Julius Jones’ planned execution

Kim Kardashian defends Julius Jones and called on Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to spare his life.

Ms Kardashian issued a statement condemning the state’s use of the death penalty and supporting Jones’ claim that he is innocent.

“This is the cold machinery of the death penalty,” Ms. Kardashian wrote on her Twitter account, “an innocent man could be put to death. My heart breaks for Julius and for so many others who have suffered from it. such a tragic miscarriage of justice. ”

The independents Jade Bremner has more in the story below …

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Protesters start picketing outside the Oklahoma governor’s mansion

Defenders of Julius Jones began picketing outside the Oklahoma governor’s mansion to protest the man’s planned execution on Thursday.

Barriers and police tape were erected to protect the building earlier in the evening.

Jones’ supporters – including the European Union and Kim Kardashian – have pressured Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt to suspend the execution.

Some protesters reportedly said they would camp outside the mansion overnight.

The governor does not actually live at the residence.

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Jones supporters returning to state capital demand meeting with governor

Julius Jones supporters have returned to the state capital to again await a hearing with Governor Kevin Stitt.

Lawyers have said they will not be leaving until Jones’ mother has had a chance to speak with the governor.

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The race to spare Julius Jones from the death chamber

Julius Jones’ execution is expected to take place in less than 48 hours.

What events led up to this point and what was the 41-year-old’s life fight like in the years leading up to this moment?

The independents Josh Marcus examines the case from its origins in his story below …

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