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Michelle Ballantyne took to GB News to discuss the problems she thinks Scotland will face if the country becomes independent. Ms Ballantyne is the former MSP and leader of Britain’s Scottish Reform Party, formerly known as the Brexit Party.

Presenter Dawn Neesom asked: ‘If the SNP is successful, what do you think it means for the UK if Scotland leaves?

Ms Ballantyne explained how Britain would be perceived by the rest of the world.

She said, “It would make a difference. It would affect things like the perception of the world.

“I think the rest of the UK would get over it, but I think in the short term there would be a feeling across the world that something had gone wrong in the UK.

“Because, if you look the other way, there aren’t many examples of a country breaking apart when it’s been in a union for so long and everything is tied together.”

Ms Ballantyne also explained how Britain’s defense system would change.

The politician said: “I think the biggest concern, if you look at it, would be things like this hard power, the relationship that we have in terms of defence.

“The UK sits in NATO. This northern defensive ring, much of which is in Scotland.

“The SNP and the Greens have said they want to make Scotland nuclear free.

“That would mean removing that defensive shield that currently sits atop the UK.”

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Another question raised was how Scottish independence would create a boundary between Scotland and England.

Ms Ballantyne said: ‘There’s no way now, now that we’ve left the EU, that you can ignore the fact that if Scotland left the UK, in particular, if they tried to be part of of the EU, a border would pass Be created.

“Because Scotland would effectively become a foreign country. If it joined the EU, it would be part of the bloc

“Now again it’s going to be a long and tortuous journey, but I think in the short term the EU would use Scotland leaving the UK to be even more difficult in its relationship with the UK.

“He would celebrate it, he would sing it, but in fact he wouldn’t turn around and let Scotland in.

“Scotland would still have to meet EU requirements and quite frankly Scotland won’t be a net contributor to the EU budget and they certainly don’t want to go up against another country that’s in financial difficulty, and the Scotland has a very large deficit.

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Dawn Neesom also asked: ‘If Scotland becomes a foreign country and we have this hard border, does that mean that Scots wanting to come and work in England, for example, have to face all kinds of difficulties?

Ms Ballantyne replied: “Absolutely. There is a huge unknown around him. The SNP have been campaigning for an independent Scotland for seventy years…and they still can’t explain what Scotland would look like, how it would be run, what currency we would have, how it would work, how the borders would work, how the exchanges would work.

“You would think that after all these years they would have answers, but that is not the case.”

The interview comes at a time when the UK’s Supreme Court must inquire into whether the Scottish parliament can legislate a referendum on Scottish independence without Westminster’s approval.

The Scottish Government has published a referendum bill which proposes that Scotland will vote on Scottish independence next year on October 19, 2023.

The court will hear arguments from Westminster and the Scottish government on October 11, 2022, and a judgment will take place a few months later.

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