European Commission approves request to consider replacing meat industry subsidies with plant-based alternatives

The European Commission has just approved a request to launch the European Citizens’ Initiative calling for a shift in subsidies to the meat industry towards plant-based alternatives and cultured meat.

This comes after June 5, which was World Environment Day and National Animal Rights Day, the European Citizens’ Initiative titled “End The Slaughter Age” began.

Simply put, this is an official signature drive, which aims to exclude farms from European CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) subsidies for the livestock industry, to channel these funds into more green and more sustainable such as cellular agriculture and plant-based food production that does not involve killing animals.

Locally, ‘End The Slaughter Age’ is already supported by VeggyMalta, Animal Liberation Malta and Real Animal Rights.

The initiative request was also co-signed by VeggyMalta coordinator Darryl Grima, who called for a change of attitude.

“Six million animals are killed every hour for food, we need to stop this cycle. The only way for us to save our planet is to change our way of life to a more plant-based way of life,” Grima said.

“That’s why we need the European Union to stop subsidizing the meat industry and invest in plant-based alternatives and cellular agriculture,” he said.

The “End The Slaughter Age” initiative aims precisely to facilitate these ethical, sustainable and healthy alternatives for the benefit of all: animals, humans and the planet.

The launch of the ECI, considered legally admissible by the EU because it meets all the criteria established by the Lisbon Treaty of 2012, began on June 5.

The date was chosen by the organizing committee as it coincides with World Environment Day and National Animal Rights Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of animal rights.

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