Connected economy: Off-White accepts crypto

Today, in the connected economy, Off-White becomes the latest clothing brand to accept cryptocurrency and stablecoin payments, while banking solutions company Cashfree Payments launches a new verification tool as part of its Know Your Customer (KYC) offers. Additionally, mobile payment solution DigiWallet is partnering with software company Telepin to improve mobile financial services in Belize.

Luxury Brand Off-White Embraces Crypto Payments

Luxury brand Off-White has started accepting cryptocurrency payments in bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and Ripple at its stores in Paris, London and Milan. In addition, shoppers can also use Tether and USD Coin stablecoins to buy clothes and other products from Off-White. With this news, Off-White becomes the latest clothing brand to enter the crypto space. Last month, Reebok owner Authentic Brands said it added non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency payments to bolster the sneaker company after its $2.5 billion purchase.

Intros to Cashless Payments KYC Automation Tool

Banking solutions company Cashfree Payments is rolling out a new verification tool as part of its suite of KYC authentication products. Aadhaar Verification adds to existing solutions in the company’s toolkit that provide bank account authentication, including PAN, UPI and IFSC. Aadhaar enables real-time user identity by matching the entered Aadhaar number with its database.

DigiWallet teams up with Telepin to advance mobile financial services

Mobile payment solution DigiWallet works with mobile financial services software company Telepin to provide better mobile financial services in Belize. “DigiWallet will revolutionize the payment experience in Belize, driving innovation, financial inclusion and greater financial choices for Belizeans,” said Ivan Tesucum, CEO of DigiWallet.

The venture capital company Daphni, partner of Carrefour on the fund for digital commerce startups

French multinational retail company Carrefour Group has teamed up with venture capital firm Daphni to launch Dastore, a fund for digital retail start-ups. Dastore will begin by backing high-potential start-ups in France, with minority stakes totaling 80 million euros (about $87.8 million). The efforts of the two founding companies are aimed at giving startups a competitive advantage as well as access to experience and global markets.



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